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          (苏圣玛丽,接通 - 2020年2月9日):一组六名学生AG体育在一个令人振奋的教育之旅,以着手其最新的伙伴学校的我们, Emory & Henry College位于弗吉尼亚州的从2月14日的高地 - 20年,2020年。

          The students will attend course lectures on the Appalachian people, the historic struggles of the African American people, and Public Movements & Social Change. 学生们 will also participate in a civic engagement project during the day and will enjoy various social events in the evening, sponsored by the host institution’s faculty, students, staff, and community partners. Elizabeth Edgar-Webkamigad, Director of 夏沃基寄宿学校中心 (SRSC) and Dawn White, Director of 体验式学习 & International Affairs will co-present on Algoma University’s 特殊任务 and its current work in the SRSC during the host University’s signature cultural program, Lyceum Presentation. 

          多次实地考察定于学生们也;第一站将是 Mt.Pleasant历史学会,成立于1871年,由一群前奴隶和免费的黑人,并建立促进生命,文化的理解,并贡献发出非洲人区域。第二站将是 International Civil Rights Centre & Museum 位于北卡罗来纳州格林斯博罗,由4名由非暴力静坐格林斯博罗运动而闻名 北卡罗莱纳州农业技术州立大学 (NC A&T) students.

          “Travelling abroad for a long period of time can be very scary and overwhelming,” said Eunjung Riauka, Coordinator of Global Engagement & Mobility; Internationalization Lead, Algoma University. “A short educational program is a great avenue to prepare for a semester abroad. This pilot program provides opportunities for underrepresented students who wouldn’t have had an opportunity to participate in a traditional exchange program. In addition, with February being Black 历史 Month, all our learning and experiences will give us a greater understanding and appreciation for the many contributions of the African American community.” Eunjung developed this pilot program and will be leading the trip with Elizabeth Edgar-Webgamigad and Dawn White.  

          “我有兴趣参加国外ESTA短期学习的机会,因为我想更多地了解人民的土著人,特别是土著美国人在美国,其他部落”在AG体育马洛里,所罗门说,第三年Anishinabe学生学习心理大学。 “我相信将是有益的ESTA机会,让我更多地了解我的文化,看看我们是如何连接的人,因为我想了解我如何帮助我的人在心理学领域。”

          “We are very excited to welcome Algoma U students and staff to our campus in February,” said Dr. Celeste Gaia, Director of International Education & Chair Department of 心理学, Emory & Henry College. “Our students will learn more about other cultures, particularly the Anishinaabe people and the history of Algoma University. Our partnership aligns well with the mission of E&H, the Office of International Education and our current diversity and inclusion initiates”

          This Reading Week International Experiential Learning Program was organized and co-sponsored by both the 体验式学习 Hub & International Affairs at Algoma University and International Education Department at Emory & Henry College, VA, US.


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